7 Things You Shouldn't Do While on Your Period

Do not wear tight clothing. Tight clothing can increase your blood flow, making your period more painful.

Health professionals inform us of the period no-nos we were unaware of, such as watching melancholy movies, engaging in unprotected sex, and over-washing.7-Things-You Shouldn't-Do-While-on-Your-Period

Having a period means a roller coaster ride! You are dealing with unbearable, constant itching and extreme mood swings. All of these things can cause pain, but let's face it, menstruation is a normal phenomenon. Their presence indicates health! So, understanding what to avoid is crucial to it while on your period to cope with the pain for a very long time.

Things You Need to Avoid During Periods

Drinking a lot of coffee.

The worst thing you could do during your period is take high-caffeine products! This is because more caffeine can ease painful PMS symptoms. Too much coffee can aggravate the pain and also cause breast swelling. If you are addicted to coffee, you may find it challenging to give up, but it is best to avoid it while on your period.

Don't overeat salty or sweet foods.

Foods high in salt can worsen muscle cramps and increase fluid levels in some women during their menstrual cycle. In addition, it can cause severe inflammation and increase pain. Health experts let us in on the period no-nos we didn't know about, such as over-washing and sugary foods (caffeine and alcohol generate molecules in your body that stimulate your pain receptors and make you feel worse).

Having unprotected sex

First, having sex on your period is perfectly fine, but not having sex on your period is terrible! You should avoid the risk if you don't want to start a family. In addition, protected sex is also a way to prevent STDs. Menstruation, or no menstruation, always practice safe sex to avoid infections and STDs.

Same Sanitary Pad for All Day


It doesn't matter if you use pads or tampons; wearing the same product for more than 4 to 6 hours will become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause foul odours. This is a given and should be avoided at all costs. In addition, it can cause skin irritation, bad breath, and TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). And we don't want that, do we?

Waxing or shaving?


Avoid hair removal during your period. During your period, your estrogen levels rise, making you feel better. Therefore, avoiding discomfort, including waxing or shaving, is essential. The area is sensitive, and pulling on the wax band can hurt, causing pain. Shaving can be very harmful due to the course of your period. If you have a cut on your head, it can lead to infection. So plan a week after your period to reduce the risk of aches and pains.


We all understand the harm smoking does to our health, but women who smoke during menstruation can experience severe pain. So better kick ass.

It is best to avoid smoking because it is a harmful habit. You should stop smoking during menstruation. Women who smoke tend to be highly dependent and disturbed during their periods. All nicotine can cause irregular periods as well as infections. So be sure you avoid smoking during your period.

Don't Go for a Breast Exam


During your period, fluctuations in hormone levels can make it challenging to see abnormalities in your breasts. Scheduling a mammogram is also one of the things to avoid during menopause.


Can we take a bath during periods?

It is an ancient myth that you should avoid menstrual baths. But the reality is somewhat different. One of the most crucial things to anticipate while menstruating is paying attention to personal cleanliness. Hot showers are very soothing for menstrual cramps.

Is exercise during these periods good or bad?

Exercise can be beneficial during your period. However, strenuous exercise for a long time should be avoided. Regular exercise can help relieve pain as it can reduce the symptoms of stress.

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