The Ultimate Skincare 101

The ultimate skincare routine should be developed considering your skin type, the best ingredients and products.

Skincare is the most acceptable cosmetic purchase you can make. It not only helps nourish your skin but also works as a treatment. To have an effective skincare routine, it is not enough to have good skincare products; you also need to use them correctly to increase your productivity. The ultimate skincare routine should be developed considering your skin type, the best ingredients and products, your skin concerns, and the time of day.

Don't worry; here's a simple and effective skincare routine to start your journey! The best part? It is an ideal base framework, allowing you to build and make modifications.


Cleaning your skin is an essential step in any beauty routine. Choose your skin type - if you have normal skin, this fruity face cream will brighten your complexion; for oily and combination skin - the best option is a cream face mask; for dry, moisturized, and oily skin, the best option is a cream face mask. Remember to wash and massage your face for a deep clean gently, then apply concealer and rinse with warm water. Pat your face with a towel.

When applying makeup, wash off your makeup first with micellar oil or water. The makeup kit takes a few minutes to remove, and you may need to clean it twice to make it easier to remove.


Using a good toner is very effective if your skin is dry. A toner helps remove excess oil and cleanse pores for other skin types. Put a teaspoon of toner on a cotton ball and dab it gently on your skin.

Pro tip: If your exfoliating toner contains ingredients like glycolic acid, it's best to use it overnight, but exfoliating toners and retinoids can't be used together.


The morning is the time to apply a serum, such as a vitamin C or E serum. Antioxidants in it aid in shielding your skin from the free radicals, pollutants, and contaminants you encounter every day. If you use a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid, the best time is at night. If you struggle with anti-aging serums or acne treatments that can cause skin irritation and dryness, evenings are a great time to use them and get to know your skin.

Pro tip: always remember that the serum should be applied with water under the moisturizer; after moisturizing, you need to use an oil serum.

Eye cream

An eye cream can help get rid of bags under the eyes. The best time to apply eyeshadow is in the morning. Because eye creams tend to be drier than face, using and storing eye creams containing round metals in the refrigerator can cause water retention.


Even if your skin is very oily and greasy, moisturizing is essential. For normal skin, choose a light day cream. Choose something that breaks readily if you have dry skin. A gel moisturizer won't feel overly sticky on combination or oily skin and will absorb quickly.

Pro tip: sunscreen goes in automatically. Also, keep the same qualities in mind when choosing your sunscreen. Wait at least 20 minutes before going out and apply sunscreen for maximum effect.

This skincare routine will take you to the best skin care life! Remember to apply your product from dry to thick; you are good to go.

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