10 Benefits of Banana Peels for Your Health, Beauty & Skin Care

Banana peels have been used as medicine for centuries. Discover why they're so beneficial! Read about the benefits of using banana peels.

Banana peel's magical power: 

Bananas are sweet and one of the best-known delicious and healthy foods. We traditionally use it for skin healing. Bananas are rich in minerals that contain fiber, carbohydrates, essential nutrients such as potassium, and antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Banana peels are less popular, and people are unaware of the beauty benefits banana peels offer. There are various uses for banana peels, from using them in the kitchen as a cleaning product to adding them to a beauty routine. We consider them an excellent remedy for inflammation. In the banana, we find the peel to possess potent antioxidant properties. It moisturizes your skin, treats puffy eyes, and removes acne scars.

Please read this article to find out the fantastic banana peel beauty benefits before regretting throwing it into the dustbin bin.

Nutrients present in banana peels

·    Vitamin C

·    Vitamin E

·    Potassium

·    Zinc

·    Iron

·    Manganese

 Some important tips

·    Use ripe or fresh banana peels for the best results.

·    Never use a peeled banana for a long time; use it fresh every time.

·    The banana peels should be used immediately to get the best results.

·    Put banana peels in the coolest area around your house and keep them away from the sun.

·    Always use dustbins for throwing away banana peels.

Magical beauty benefits of banana peels

In most minds, banana peels are of zero importance. They are unaware of these magical benefits the banana peel is holding onto. Below we'll discuss some excellent beauty benefits of banana peel, and let us make sure you'll think twice before throwing it into the trash next time.

Banana peels can reduce facial wrinkles.

The antioxidants present in banana peels help to keep your skin hydrated. Rubbing the banana peel over your skin for at least 20 minutes can help reduce facial wrinkles. Yes, you heard it right. Repeat 3 times a week for the fastest effects.

Banana peels can whiten your teeth.

Banana peel is rich in nutrients, and potassium is one of them. It can help reduce yellow stains on teeth that can surely make you uncomfortable. Rub the banana peel on stained teeth for a few minutes. For excellent results, use it thrice a week.

Cure pimples with the use of banana peel every day.

Banana peel is rich in tissue healing properties and can also treat pimples. Make it a routine to massage banana peels on the face daily. It will help in curing pimples within a short time. Apply banana peels on the affected areas daily till the spots fade away. The results 'will amaze you after daily usage.

It can remove warts.

Warts form on our skin in many areas, such as hands, feet, and face, and are caused by a virus. A banana peel can cure warts when applied to the affected area and rubbed for a few minutes. Also, it can help reduce the occurrence of new ones.

You can now heal psoriasis with a banana peel.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can be treated with the help of banana peel. It has moisturizing properties and reduces itchiness and scaly patches associated with psoriasis. Put banana peel over the skin affected with psoriasis, and you'll see the results in a short time.

It can help polish your silver.

When your silver loses its shine, rub a banana peel over it to get the glow back. Banana peels rich in nutrients such as potassium help restore silver objects' luster. Make a banana peel paste and rub it over silver things for a few minutes. Use it more than once for better results.

We can heal bug bites with the use of banana peel.

Mosquito bites are irritating. When it happens, our body's immune system reacts, causing itching that can be healed by massaging banana peels over the affected area. You'll feel relief from pain after using it twice a day.

Oil control

Banana peel is a great exfoliator and helps remove excess sebum on the skin's surface. The nutrients present in the banana peels provide nourishment and promote excellent natural and clear, glowing skin.

Scars removal

Banana peels have high levels of nutrients and the ability to reduce skin irritation and scarring. Apply banana peel, rub it over the affected area daily, and rinse it with water.

Banana peel can lighten skin tone.

Banana peel face masks can help in lightening the skin tone and can get rid of dark circles. Rubbing banana peels can also help rub them over the skin and have a gentle exfoliating effect. Vitamins present in banana peel nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving your skin tone with a shiny effect.

Meat tenderizer

While making a slow-cooked roast or grilling up some chicken to keep it moist and tender, add some ripe banana skin to the roasting pan. This way, the meat absorbs the oils and moisture from the banana peel, which helps keep it moist and juicy.

Heal a Bruise

I advise applying the inside of a banana peel to the bruise to hasten to heal and make it fade away because nobody wants to have a bruise for a long time. It's all thanks to a polysaccharide, an effective anti-inflammatory substance. Apply it to your bruise and leave it on for at least 30 minutes for the best results.


Researchers believe that banana peels may be therapeutic. Many different things can be done with bananas. It can be used to make a deliciously healthy dessert, a nutritious afternoon snack, or your favorite cereal.

If you know of any additional advantages of banana peels besides these, kindly let us know.




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